- Sourcing:
Our goal is to make your life easier by finding for you the products you seek in China, the most attractive country production wise. With us you will have a European trustworthy partner well established locally which will avoid you all the problems caused by using a company based out of China. Our strong relationship with our suppliers guarantees you the quality targeted at the lowest market price. All our quotations include a rigorous quality control done by the management, and audited by an independent company, SGS (Hong-Kong), in order to test the products and to deliver the official documents proving their conformity to the rules and regulations of your country.


- Quality control:
If you already have suppliers in China, we offer rigorous quality controls done by gcb sourcing management avoiding you to travel and thus saving you time and expenses. The quality tests are done by an independent auditing company of Hong Kong, SGS, which will provide the official documents proving the conformity to the rules and regulations of your products for your country.


- Anonymous supplier:
You already source and assemble your product in China. To prevent your suppliers from contacting each other and deciding to produce without you, we offer you to establish the link between them with only our name being revealed. None of your suppliers and assemblers will be able to find each other, and you won’t then find your products and ideas sold in other countries.


- Customer service:
We are very reactive to manage your orders and are always available for you. You will have a point of contact from the day of your inquiry till the delivery of your products. Gcb sourcing is not afraid to claim that its great strength is its professionalism and our main concern is to keep our outstanding reputation.


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