Aluminum foil bags



- Aluminum foil bag:

You use it for food (meat, deep-frozen food , fresh keeping food , dry food, tea leaf, boiled or steamed food, vacuum packaging food, milk powder , soft can packaged juice, etc.), health care products, medical products, electronic products, detergent, cosmetic, pesticide, instruments, chemicals.

The great point of an aluminum foil bag is its excellent light isolation, moisture proof, air isolation and taste maintenance. The noticeable isolation ability throws any other plastic film or paper packaging far away behind. Meanwhile, compared with other metal foils, aluminum foil is easily processed and printable.

The aluminum foil can be easily crinkled, eroded by acid and alkali, can’t be heat sealed, so it is mainly used as isolation layer and you can laminate it with paper or any other plastic films. Usually the laminated material structure is as following: PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/ONY/PE, PET/AL/R-CPP, BOPP/AL/PE, PET/AL/ONY/R-CPP

The maximum width of the back-sealed bags is 1.2 meters.


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