You will find down below examples of products we have sourced for our customers. These examples should prove that we can adapt ourselves to find products from completely different fields. We can source simple to technical products, low to very high quality.


- Specialized packaging:

We can provide very technical packaging,our specialized packaging are coffee bag, vacuum pouch, aluminum foil bag, envelop bag, auto sealing bag, stand up zipped bag, high temperature steamed bag (steamed 45 min at 121°C,30 min at 131°C, 5 min at 145°C), water boiling bag, UV bag, high isolation bag, antistatic bag, express delivery bag, rice packaging, bread bag, vest bag, poly woven bag, air bag, milk film (black and white film), sauce film, BOPP film, wrapping film, coating film, PE film, etc.

Mainly we provide alimentary packaging, industry packaging and chemical packaging. Their quality suit the standards set by the most rigorous countries, even if the packaging required is complex.


- Ropes:

The ropes we source have a wide range of use and their incredible properties render steel wire, aramid rope and polyester ropes totally obsolete.

The fibers are imported directly from Holland and they are transformed into ropes at an ultra-modern factory here in China. All ropes are tested and proved to be very high quality.

We can provide ropes used for sport such as fishing line, sailing ropes, kite surfing ropes, glider line or ropes used for winch like in light winch, trailer winch, portable whinch, heavy duty winch, off-road car winch, capstan...


- Climbing gear:

We propose in addition to the climbing ropes, high end karabiners and pulleys.

Outstanding quality is mandatory for this high stunt-flying sport.


- Goodies

If you are a distributor or a company believing in the virtue of marketing, we can provide you any type of goodies. All our goodies can be personalized at 100% allowing you to tell the message you want.

We can find for you every kind of goodies for every price range.

So far we have sourced mug, T-shirt, pen, scarf, wine box, tie and its arrangement box (with logo of the company), portable ashtray, USB key and pen, umbrella...


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