Can I purchase brand-name goods from factories in China?

With many small retail stores throughout Western countries offering brand-name products at their locations many times the question arises; can I purchase brand-name goods at lower prices if I can get them straight from the factory in China?

The answer may surprise you:


The truth of the matter is that any company offering imported “brand-name products” online or offline, even if they offer a certificate of authenticity vouched for its genuineness, is almost guaranteed to be either fake or in violation of the brand owning company. The fact remains that nearly all major companies producing goods, and especially luxury goods overseas, do not offer factory direct or wholesale purchases through third parties.

Though there are many companies who claim that they can provide customers with these name brand products such as Nike shoes, LV bags, Gucci wallets, other luxury brands these are not authorized resellers and the products are most likely either knockoffs of the originals (and usually quite bad knockoffs at that) or stolen from factories or delivery trucks.

So what can you buy in China and be able to offer in your shop?

While name brand items may be unavailable that doesn’t mean that similarly produced goods with a generic brand or no brand at all that you can apply your own brand to can be acquired at reasonable rates. This includes:

– MP3 players

– Watches

– Clothing/textiles

– Personalized kitchenware (mugs, plates, etc.)

– Electronics

– Appliances

    And the list can go on and on.

    When seeking a supplier oversees always bear in mind that experience is the key factor to getting a successful purchase done and sent to you where and when you need it most. If you do not have experience in doing this yourself it is highly recommended to seek a sourcing company to assist you with these factors and ensure the product will satisfy both yours and your customers needs.

    Overseas outsourcing is a great way for you to create your own branded products and develop your own brand image locally, rather than be dependent upon major name brands. It is also an excellent way to make a business more profitable with cheaper products that can distinguish yourself on the market without sacrificing any product quality. Just make sure that you’re both properly prepared and have the knowledge necessary to assist you in your overseas sourcing endeavors, as well as have the proper assistance (e.g. an experienced sourcing company or personal employee) as necessary to ensure your success.

    Written by Alexander Grimes

    Written by Alexander