Imports from China... make the right decision!



You are a small or medium size company that doesn't know what strategy to adopt regarding import export from China? You want to purchase wholesale Chinese goods at the desired quality for the best price negotiable? You don't know which chinese supplier to trust?

Stop searching, gcb sourcing, our import export company, has the solutions for you to import goods from China!


Benefits of gcb sourcing China; from the manufactury to the shipping delivery:

- Since our creation in 2006, we are compiling a huge list of Chinese suppliers; competitive and trustworthy business partners. That's why we can export Chinese products according to your desired quality and at the best Asian market price.

- With our sourcing experts, resources and our localisation, working on new products coming from China is easy. Identify and select the most performing Chinese manufactory, as well as nogotiate the best ratio quality-price, is one of our expertise

- The gcb sourcing European team is in China all year long and they are personally responsible for making sure quality control corresponds with even the most demanding standards. It's the reason why our quotations allways include thorough quality controls. In addition, if your goods recquires it, we hire an international independant quality testing company to provide you with official certifications.